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  1. Seiichi

    Announcement Issues Redeeming Purchases *Resolved*

    There are some reports from players having issue redeeming some purchases currently, either that they are getting an error or that their account does not have enough play time to redeem the purchase. We are going to be looking at the issue and hopefully releasing an update later today to resolve...
  2. Seiichi

    Announcement New Registration & Purchase System

    After months of development and testing we are finally able to launch our new registration and purchase system, all of which is integrated into this website. You will now be able to register multiple accounts for all of our current and future games, as well as manage their password or secondary...
  3. Seiichi

    Announcement Upcoming Changes to Registration & Purchases

    This has been a long and arduous process to get this completed, but here is a preview of the new purchase system (which is part of our new registration and account management system). Purchasing Diamonds on Dragon's Prophet will also reward VIP. New Purchase System Along with the quicker...