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    Suggestion Silia for 2?

    Hey Seiichi, would it be possible to change silia in a way players could duo it? idk if it would be "easy" to reduce the cooldown of the dissolving cores low enough - if thats possible it would already be fine i guess. if not, would you consider tolerating the bug way again? i´m asking because...
  2. Sterben

    equipment stars

    I don't know if its a bug or maybe I did something wrong but when you had all the stars in the equipment it was supposed to shine
  3. Y

    Suggestion more copy´s of B09 D09 G09

    any chance we can get more copy´s of those isle´s!
  4. Denise

    Suggestion Sekundäres Passwort ändern

    Hallo ich weiß leider nicht wie man das Sekundäre passwort ändern kann, weil ich schon eineganze weile nicht mehr spielte, einen Link dazu hatte ich mal gefunden bei einem anderen Post, nur funktioniert der Link nicht mehr :(
  5. kenneth s maher

    Suggestion More Land

    If it is possible at all i would love to be able to purchase another piece of land that i can add to the one i have now ...some time there just isnt enough space to add all u would like to add
  6. HalKal

    Suggestion Dragon Spirit Powder - use multiple

    I think it would be nice to be able to use multiple Dragon Spirit Powders at a time. Having to use them one at a time to change the probability percentage by 1% at a time (or 3% with the right powder) is really time consuming. I also think it would be nice to be able to convert powders into...

    Suggestion Guild Technology - Dragon for Hire

    Hey, if you start a dragon process in the dragon lair, you can use only the highest level of your guild technology for flute- or napo- extraction, which makes sense. But for the gold search (dragon for hire) as well as the dragon training you need to scroll down all levels beginning with 1 -...
  8. Kazunokun

    Suggestion Adjust Reverberation's crit chance

    So, I know it is most likely not possible to change this at the current stage of developement, so this is moreso a reference to look back at when we can adjust things that are further into the meat of the code. Furthermore I'm not actually sure if this is a bug or intentional, so i put it in...
  9. H

    Suggestion Turkish language should come

    Türkçe gelmeli
  10. S

    Suggestion Enrich the thematic of dragons

    Hello everyone, I'm opening this new thread to talk about some ideas I had to enrich the thematic of different species of dragons. One of my ideas is about Pale Radiance. There she is : Due to the fact that "Pale Radiance" has what one might to call of as rocky scales with phophorescent...
  11. Zirothos

    Suggestion Black dragon accessory set

    and the ring since i don't have it wont be shown in the image the effect of all those item should be change / buff /effect change atm those item are not counted has any good since they have lower bonus then other item like , aram belt , kyros ring/ earring /kazura necklaces and many other...
  12. xayomi

    Suggestion Pets

    I'd love to see the cash car pets being added in to the game. The thunder ones, the cat with the raccoon tail one and the car that in real life goes 45 km/h. Hopefully you guys can make it happen! -Peepo :e50:
  13. gladx16

    Suggestion Gun painting and Color Library

    Hello, can I suggest you something I think if guns and weapon costumes could be painted in the game, wouldn't it be nice? There is one more thing, we cannot paint some costumes completely in the color we want. I cannot make a costume or outfit a color I want. I want to make it red, but it is not...
  14. gladx16

    Suggestion PayPal payment method

    Hello, I want to buy diamonds, but I cannot buy them. Paypal sales are closed in the country where I live Please make other payment methods ingilizce için üzgünüm bu dili nasıl konuşacağımı bilmiyorum
  15. Yeah im Rusted

    Multiple GM events?

    hello, ive been here for a hot while now and ive noticed something that...GM events arent all timezones friendly, some people just cannot reach the GM event for timezone issues and im one of them i know this might be a bit much to ask but im just suggesting it (and im sure a billion other...
  16. Yeah im Rusted

    An entire new wiki of this private server

    hello, as i see this server has many dragons added in the game that no other kind of dragon's prophet or savage hunt kind of wiki has information of, i know there might be guides in this website but perhaps a wiki of this server would be nice? with all the new dragons, where to get them, all...
  17. K

    Suggestion Summoner damage buff / Rework

    Hello there. Im nobody. Summoner dmg needs a little buff atm as its really underperforming in Elga or general boss content and struggles on fast clearing floors on drakos compared to other classes: So after the introduction here is my suggestion: If possible either cut the animations of skills...
  18. Zirothos

    Suggestion none 999 stack item list that should be 999

    in here we will post item that, don"t have a stack able number of 999 so far those 3 don't have 999 and what you see here is the max stack numbers.
  19. F

    Suggestion Make Event Pets tradeable?

    Does anything speak against making the valentine event pets sellable through the market? Greetings
  20. Yeah im Rusted

    Suggestion Rejected Newbie level dungeon ancients

    Hello there, id like to suggest to remove the ''you're 5 levels above the dungeon level so cannot gain ancient points'' thing İ do understand some ancients might be in eggs but what if i used the dragon gods blood and skipped basically every starter dungeon then regretted it? Perhaps removing...