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May 12, 2020
I would love to have more islands available with 500 x 500 lots, as well as larger lots. Of course, especially usable, if possible green plots of land, because unfortunately I still haven't found a plot of land of this size on which you can also put house and co. A recipe with the great blue patterned tree from Alentia would also be great. I found a 500 plot that would be free, but unfortunately you can't put a plot there that is larger, but on which opponents are always attacking. For example, a 500 plot that would be similar to the hidden island, just with more lawn to put on. So hope there will be something soon.


Oct 20, 2016
Baerton is the only island that can have adjusted plot sizes, and then other islands just copy the changes made.

Because of that the only way to really do what you are asking is to completely wipe existing housing and replace all existing plots, which is not something we would do.

As it is custom housing has gotten to the point that it is fairly difficult for people to find empty spots that meet criteria.
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