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    Bug Report Solved increased Dragon texture quality

    Hey, while the increased Dragon texture quality really looks nice and is an improvement for almost every dragon, it still seems to cause annoying lags, especially in dragon arena. guess some ppl will have problems in the upcoming tournaments :confused:
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    Bug Report Missing Terrain Texture

    Starting zone: Laedis (Underworld port) / Christmas tree Target: Wynnadia (Lilia City) Play time: 1 min Lilia City doesn't have any ground, only buildings, so I've been falling without other option except teleporting character to artecia
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    Solved Texture Quality??

    hello... sorry my english... the texture quality in system options has 3 levels: Low, Middle and High... I try change the texture quality to 'High' but nothing happen... I restart the game and always is in 'Middle' option... Any solution to this please?? (Windows 10, nvidia GTX 1080ti)