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  1. Seiichi

    Announcement Dragon Tournament time change

    Due to the server change, Dragon Tournament will now happen a hour later (3PM Pacific).
  2. E

    Dragon Tournament: Selection of home advantage Dragon family

    Hello everybody^^ after more than a years time on this server and having watched or taken part in most of the tournaments I would like to start a little discussion an/or get an explanation for the selection process or datafile base which influences the selection of the advances family. On the...
  3. E

    Bug Report Missing Dragon family description at Tournament manager

    Looking at todays info at tournament manager displays family as follows "DRAGONBOOK_TYPE_00". Is it for the quick possible to get an answer which family is meant and for future fill proper description please. Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Luatan

    Bug Report Dragon Tournament Banner keeps going and going....

    One hour before and at the start of the Dragon Tournament, there's a banner which remembers everyone to participate. But in the last 2 weeks it seems to be a bit buggy and keeps showing up like 15 mins non stop. Would it be possible to fix this, that it only shows 2-3 Times each? This can...

    Solved Title / Crown of Dragon Tournament missing

    Hi, i was really shocked today as there were no rewards for the past month of the dragon tournament - since i was putting a lot of time, effort and more than 100.000 of dragon insignias for the past 5 months to get the title and crown - and now that i finally reached it there is nothing??? since...