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Dragon Tournament: Selection of home advantage Dragon family


May 13, 2020
Hello everybody^^

after more than a years time on this server and having watched or taken part in most of the tournaments I would like to start a little discussion an/or get an explanation for the selection process or datafile base which influences the selection of the advances family.

On the server that I played before the family was more or less chosen random, which means kind of lottery with 17 classes all treated equal. So all families appeared every once and again and there were no kind of "favorites" that would turn up every fortnight.^^

I doubt very much that on this server all families are treated equal.

Orientals and skytouched had advantage I would guess in at least 40% of the tournaments during the last year.

Swiftfoot, Hydra, Mystics and Phantom as well appear with higher probability than the remaining 13 classes.

Paragons havent had advantage at all, which is absolutely strange. The probability for this to happen in 15 months is about 0,4 per mill.

May be as I am "new" on this server in the past has been made the decission to "adjust" the family selection a little bit. I dont know.^^

In my opinion however its a shame as f,e, the orientals that are one hitters anyway get advantage so often. the tournament doesnt reflect dragon fighting knowledge or skils of the players. Its just reduced to a kind of lottery that the one with the first triple tornado will win.

I would like to kondly ask the GNs to check selection process and(or to write a little statement in case that there had beel made a decision to manipulate the probabilties of the selection on this server in the past. As well I would like other players that are interested in the subject to state their opinion.

Thanks a lot in advance to everybody


Oct 20, 2016
There has been no specific change to how weighting for Dragon Families are decided for Dragon Tournament, and there wouldn't be a reason for staff to do so as staff are not allowed to actively play the game, so such bias would be pointless.

One thing what may be happening is that Dragon Compendiums are used for what Dragon Families are able to be selected (there was a point where undefined was chosen for example), which may weight what family is selected more than others. That said... It would be primarily Mytheran, Skytouched, Phantom and then Duskreaver if that were the case.

Even if it is pure RNG, it is entirely possible to get the same selection more often, depending on how they do the number generation. Numbers do not have the same probability when you talk about RNG.

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