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  1. Adamas

    Normal day in DP - enjoy in world and Dragons

    Guys Girls Just enjoy in awesome world and Dragons - i will be glad if u support me - share this video if u like it :) Ty in Advance
  2. S

    Suggestion Enrich the thematic of dragons

    Hello everyone, I'm opening this new thread to talk about some ideas I had to enrich the thematic of different species of dragons. One of my ideas is about Pale Radiance. There she is : Due to the fact that "Pale Radiance" has what one might to call of as rocky scales with phophorescent...
  3. E

    Bug Report Names of exclusive dragons

    Hello GMs and hello all, it is very annoying for players that don't use the English language that there are the following problems with the missing names of the exclusive dragons: 1. No names on gacha in diamond store, so you always have to shut down game, change language rstart launcher, buy...
  4. Seiichi

    Announcement All Exclusive Dragons available until Friday

    Because people who were unable to use Paypal previous now have the option to use the Stripe payment methods, I am putting up all exclusive Dragons until Friday at 11:59PM. We likely will not put them all up again until Black Friday or Christmas, so get them while you can if you do not want to...
  5. Duanlong


    allways with me
  6. Cippman

    [Demos] Sneek-Peeks of Unity3d + Dragons + VR

    Hi fellow Osirians, (and I also wish you an happy international women's day) Brief Introduction: I'm Cippman and I'm here to share some of my Demos with dragons of DP with Unity. I really owe a lot to this game, not only for dragons (ok, mostly for them) but also for real people I met. And as...
  7. Seiichi

    Sale Completed All Exclusive Dragons available until Monday (2/22/2021)

    All of the current exclusive Dragons that have been released (excluding the new Chinese Dragons) are going to be available for this weekend for the servers 4 year anniversary. The new Chinese Dragons will be available after maintenance if they are working properly, otherwise we will release...
  8. L

    Suggestion Make Hydras (or just dragons in general) great again!

    Hi I've noticed there aren't that many make dragon great again threads hence I decided to post one. I think dragons are really powerful however they have been overshadowed by the orange gear players can equip. lvl 60 gear sets give 330 health and 100 extra damage. lvl 70 gear sets give 150...
  9. S

    Dankeschön/thank you

    Hallo, liebe Osira, als Erstes sei gesagt. Nein, ich verlasse "leider" nicht Dragons Prophet. Ich wollte mich einfach mal bei der Community von Dragons Prophet bedanken. Ich habe viele interessante Persönlichkeiten kennenlernen dürfen. Viele Spieler haben mich durch die Zeit, von nun 6 Jahren...
  10. SaintBeast

    Solved Marktplace Exclusives title bonus???

    Heya, idk if its rly buggy maybe ? but the exclusive Sailfins have a title bonus of 1.5 on all stats and Dragon influence +3 compared to the Sylvaran Exclusive they have +3 on all stats and +9 on dragon affinity ? the old ones likes Nyssilth and galactic storm have +3 too. so Why sailfins...
  11. Jaslyn

    Bug Report Spawn Calender, missing zones and dragons

    Hey, im not sure if this was reported yet, but the website connected to all dragon captures on channel 1 is not working properly anymore. I scanned thorugh it and all zones below Korhala are missing. For sure someone asked for it: But it would be very useful if you could add the other channels...
  12. Seiichi

    Loot Pet Conversion

    I'll be taking requests for loot pets here. I'm not going to guarantee all Dragons, NPC or mobs will be made into loot pets, but I'll at least consider most of them. I'll also only be doing this when I have free time, and when I feel like doing it as it's tedious and boring and is a bit time...
  13. Seiichi

    Announcement Completed PSA: All Exclusive Dragons Available This Monday

    To end the year on a high note, we will be making all Marketplace Exclusive Dragons available until Friday (New Years). This will include all previously sold exclusives, the new Christmas exclusives, and all the unreleased exclusives. There currently is a 50% Bonus Diamond Sale going on, so it...
  14. Nomercy

    Looking for a love

    Hello everyone, looking for a 35+ year old girl in Dragons prophet game. My nickname is KarateL, add Hallo allerseits, auf der Suche nach einem über 35-jährigen Mädchen in Dragons Prophetenspiel. Mein Spitzname ist KarateL, füge hinzu Bonjour à tous, à la recherche d'une fille de 35 ans et...
  15. Heroine

    Suggestion A realistic breeding system using current game UI

    A breeding system was one of the many systems that during the inception of Dragon's Prophet, was a goal of Runewaker themselves. This thread explores and consults various methods this discarded mechanic can be implemented into the game, exploring potential pros and cons of each method that is...
  16. DemonFang

    Dragon My Old Dragon Guides...

    Heya fellas, I'm a Crazy Dragon Lady from EU who played semi-religiously for roughly six years (not sure of exact time - it sure does fly when you're having fun!) I started playing with the idea of joining this server when I heard that EU was going down and I have since taken the leap of faith -...
  17. A

    Suggestion Suggestion: Increasing Maximum Dragon Level Cap

    It would be great it the dragons cap level were the same as the player (or mobs), so poeple who can focus solely on dragons, can. Since the dragons can only be trained to 100, they dont do much damage on the higher lvl mobs, and so are mainly used for buffs That way, dragons are mostly used for...
  18. ArchieVision

    Chinese Valentines Event

    If I remember correctly, isn't this the event that put the Eastern dragons in the spawners in the wild? It would be awesome to go out and catch an eastern in the next few days.
  19. Snow =o

    Snow =o

  20. Rose 2

    Rose 2