Sorcerer 1 Handed haberace PvE/PvP (Aggressive Blitz)

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    Hello again! I am bringing another vicious build into the light. Haberace returns with a 1 handed build sure to shock your opponents into submission while looking cool. Lets start with my suggested attribute set-up.

    Ferocity: 200 (Most of the skills in this build hit lots of times, in order to amplify the damage we are dealing with so many hits we will want a very high crit chance and power!)
    Intelligence: 112 (we have the rest of the points here since INT is this god's main source of damage)

    Earth shield/stasis 1/10
    (I'm just going to clump these together since they are pretty much in all of my builds. extra hp and a stun break)
    Draconic Brilliance 8/10 (INT bonus, what else do you need?)
    Elemental grasp 10/10 (this skill is a must on every sorc build, always)
    Elemental Scar 10/10 (we want lots of crit chance, this is an excellent source)
    Elemental Activation 10/10 (30% more damage for 14s, gotta love it. add adrenaline surge for more tasty damage)

    Electric Pulse 10/10 (3s CD and hits 7 times, lots of damage and can interrupt)
    Frost Beam 10/10 (5s CD these things are great, they AoE and you can have up to 3 at once, lots of extra damage here, fricken laser beams all we need are sharks)
    Roaring Thunder 10/10 (THIS is one of my personal favorite skills in the whole game, great damage, comes with a free combo, stuns, recovers mount stamina, it's a big lightning bolt and it hurts.)
    Thunder Core 5/10 (honestly I only have this cause it is required to get the next skill but it is very powerful in combination with it.)
    Lightning Flash 10/10 (3s CD hit 5 times, hits 10 times with Thunder core. can you see all the crits?)
    Frost ring 5/10 (long range freeze, maybe 4 of these points can be used elsewhere along with the 4 extra points from thunder core.)
    Ice Shard 10/10 (1 big AoE hit of DAMAGE, very powerful and restores 75 AP. Not bad at all)

    Thunder Mark 5/10 (Hits fairly hard and restores 180 SP, in PvP it can brutally stun a player and ruin their day.)
    Thunder Wings 10/10 (extremely powerful move, 3 forward penetrating hits of brutality, use the left side to recover SP)
    Thunderstorm 10/10 (the big boss slayer, in pvp it's amazing for taking forts and in PvE it destroys any large enemy in seconds, in the right situation it dishes out more dps than any skill in the game. absolutely brutal. against players it probably wont hit but if it does it hurts. Use the left version)

    This build is a solid build I have used since the dawn of time and has never let me down when I need some thrilling 1H action. So fast and furious you'd need lots of car puns to accurately describe it.
    Let me know what you think!

    Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

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    Great guide, exactly what I was looking for thanks. Any chance of adding another section on gear/upgrade choices to go along with it?