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Event Dragon's Prophet Re-Opening Event


Oct 20, 2016
Because of the sudden closure of the previous server, and the wipe we did bringing up this server we will be running the following login reward event for the month of March.

Day 1 - Day 6: 99x Supreme XP Orbs which is enough to get you to level 108 and beyond
Day 7 - Day 9: Components for making Thadrea (102 Orange Set)
Day 10: 200,000 Gold Ticket
Day 11: Ferocious Duality Egg
Day 12: Skitter Egg
Day 13: Jadeite Wing Egg
Day 14: 300x300 Land Warrant
Day 15: Chaotic Terror Egg
Day 16: 20x Academy Knowledge Enhancer
Day 17: 20x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal
Day 18: 20x Academy Skill Crystal
Day 19: 5x 100 Laedis Academy Provisions
Day 20: 50x 10,000 Dragon Provisions
Day 21: 50x Morgath Invocation Orb IV
Day 22: 5x Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid
Day 23: 5x Bag Slot Unlock Card
Day 24: 5x Bank Slot Unlock Card
Day 25: 50x Advanced Repair Hammer
Day 26: 25x Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal
Day 27: Darksteel Armor Set
Day 28: 20x Academy Training Whip
Day 29: 10x Miraculous Costume Transformation Elixir

The event will run from March 1st until all rewards are given out. To take part in the event:
  • You must be registered on or before March 1st
  • You must login everyday to receive that days reward
    • Missed days will not be gifted to you, and you will not be getting the reward from GM's
  • Rewards are receivable on one character only
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Oct 20, 2016
Just a note, if anyone is found to be abusing the login reward their all their multiple accounts will be banned, and possibly their main account as well.

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