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Recruiting How to choose a guild - как найти себя гилд


Aug 5, 2021
My opinion so far in guilds for new players - so far we are 5 ppl playing in DP
Мое мнениея для гилдов - для сечас мъ 5 человек каторий играм ДП

If u are German ор Engl speaking u can choose like Korona (DE) ppl they play like a family and for sure will help you, Leader is super also with his team mates. Or Abyss (DE, ENGL, RU, and so on) ( awesome ppl rly friendly and will help you a lot, same like they helped me in my start ) other guilds i dont know so far but i presume they are also good - like a say its only my opinion
Если ты Русский, то лучше поищи русскую гильдию, там тебе помогут, поищи ребят в мире или напиши нам в Дискорд, познакомим тебя с другими русскими ребятами. :))

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