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Event Mythical Coloring Event Winners

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Due to the number of submissions and the fact that we ran two coloring pages, we are going to be choosing winners for each page separately, though people can only win once for the whole contest. There will be 3 winners for the Frightmare coloring page, and 5 for the White Stallion coloring page.

All of the following designs were chosen either for their color choices, their patterns or their overall look or feel.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

White Stallion

First Place

Second Place

Third Place
We chose two for this placement, as it is done by the same artist, and we plan on using elements of both in one Dragon concept.

Fourth Place
Like with third place, we chose two separate winners but because it is different artists they will both get rewarded. We'll be using elements in one Dragon concept

Fifth Place

There are also a few honorable mentions that could not be selected again because they had already won once in either category.



Oct 20, 2016
Hi Seiichi,

Not that someone get it wrong, but nobody should feel attacked or bad, it didn't seem obvious.
I think many people aren't so aware of the involved effort because many things aren't immediately apparent.

At this point many thanks for the detailed answer, which came fast and unexpectedly. :D
Also for the detailed information, who does what and what's his background that isn't a matter of course.
And in general, because not many would do these things with events, help with various problems or other things. :)
I was very very careful with my feedback; I am known for being blunt and brutally honest, and not everyone can handle that. Some people also do not do well with feedback or criticism, especially if they feel it is their best work.

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