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Oct 20, 2016
Forum Rules
  1. Members should always be respectful of each other and of staff. Insults and flaming are never acceptable, and arguments must remain civil and only ever in the debate forum.
  2. When posting try to remain on topic and post appropriately. Threads should always be posted in the proper section, and posts should always be related to a threads topic. If you are unsure of where a thread should go, post it in a general forum and it'll be moved if needed.
  3. AdeptGamer is primarily an English community, so threads and posts should be written in English. If you need to post in another language, please include an English translation.
  4. Do not argue with the AdeptGamer staff. If you are asked to not do something then you should do as you are told. If you have an issue with a staff members decision, create a private conversation with @Seiichi and said staff member.
  5. We have a zero tolerance when it comes to threats of violence, harassment, racism or anything that is hate-related. Any complaints as such will be investigated, and will lead to a suspension or ban from the forum, Discord, game server or network depending on severity. False claims will also have similar repercussions.
  6. Members must always respect each others privacy and may not expose private information without consent. This includes pictures, website profiles (Facebook), messenger accounts or any personal information.
  7. Members should never try to enforce the rules of the site, Discord or our games. You may point out the rules to a member, but you must report the thread or post to staff (or contact staff) and never insult or start an argument.
Content Rules
  1. Do not post solely to increase your post count. Short posts, posts that have little to do with the topic, or non-content posts in general will be deleted, and eventually lead to be moderated or banned.
  2. Do not publicly denounce another user. If you feel something should be brought to the administrations attention, do so through Discord or through the personal conversation system.
  3. Do not post porn, illegal programs, or anything inappropriate. Currently we will not be allowing this at all, but may in the future make an 'after dark' section for more adult content.
  4. Do not advertise competing networks or servers. The post will be deleted and you will be warned the first time, and removed the second time. If we do not run or have no intention of running the game in question, then it is more of a gray area, and you should get approval first.
Avatar & Signature
  1. Signatures and avatars should be nothing over the top or with the intention of being malicious (eg brightly flashing animations). Signatures should also not be overly long nor should it break any of the above rules.
  2. The current signature rules for standard members are as follow (these rules may change):
    • Signatures should not exceed 6 lines
    • Signatures should have no more than 3 images
    • Signatures allow all BBCode formatting
    • Signatures do not allow links
Appeals & Punishments
  1. Forced Moderation
    • If a member has repeatedly broken content rules, they will then require all their posts and threads to be actively approved by staff. Continued abuse will lead to the following punishments.
  2. Temporary Ban
    • Depending on what you have done, or how many prior warnings or punishments you have had you will be banned for period of time which will be up to the staff.
  3. Permanent Ban
    • If you still do not get the point by now, you'll be permanently banned from the site, and quite probably from the Discord and games as well.
  4. Appeals
    • If you feel you have been punished inappropriately and wish to appeal you may contact the staff via PC or Discord. When appealing, layout what punishment you were given, why you were punished and why you think you should not be punished. Depending on who punished you or why you were punished your appeal may be listened to.
Rules & Staff Members

All staff members are kept to the same standard our members and more often than not to a higher standard. If you feel any staff members break the above rules feel free to contact @Seiichi or @Light.
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