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  1. K

    Elga - Not in a fellowship bug - possibility whats causing it

    I started farming elga logged in entered on the 3rd try the claw nest made a party did normal elga no issues. What I did then was not leave the dungeon until I was naturally kicked from the dungeon by the system after the items have been spread to the fellowship. And I did 7 Elga runs in a row...
  2. Snake Pest

    Teritory war

    I cannot enter the war zone, i can enter the island but the war officer doesnt let me attend war saying ''Max number of allience isles'' but my guild and allience has no islands right now (from what i know) if i try to enter already captured islands i just cant and if i try non captured islands...
  3. winston123

    Bug Report Solved Secret Apartment got bug

    I bought a secret apartment, but this bug I don't have options to put furniture or anything, like I'm not in my house....
  4. Nnell

    Bug Report Solved Problems with the Auction House

    Hi, I have a problem with the Auction House. When I try to open it I can't see any item players want to sell. Can you do something about it?
  5. Sterben

    Bug Report Solved RG, Dragon did not appear

    at the end of the dungeon of when the dragon was supposed to appear when reviewing the dun the dragon was not
  6. M

    Possible critical bug

    Hi there, I have't verfied it yet, but if the game spill the adress as text - it's never good ;) From experience i could say that could result f.e. RCE or something simmilar
  7. Koza

    Bug Report Solved NPC missed

    NPC disappeared on the islands. I don't see a bank or market. It's not going to territory and quests on the islands. He worked normally yesterday :(
  8. q00120191

    Bug Report Solved Unfinished main task "Norden Kingdom's Dilemma"

    管理員您好,我遇到了一個有問題的BUG 任務無法獲得“火元素核心”和“風元素 核”物品附上任務提示和操作結果照片 實際上最重要的不是我做的因為不完成它的 燃燒任務我可以選擇不完成元素凝聚瓶”不能被撤掉 它會佔用我的空位
  9. Lingerie

    Bug Report Solved World Wide Attacks on Server (Service Provider)

    I post this here - as the subject could become a problem. I just read an article issued by the Federal Cyber Security Authority, Germany who has changed the severity of server attacks from Orange to red. As far as I understand it, the problem lies within the library of Java Software = the weak...
  10. trendy0911

    Bug Report Solved Broken picture

  11. trendy0911

    Bug Report Solved Stuck interface 92% unable to log in

    Stuck interface 92% unable to log in ID Yadi
  12. Nnell

    Bug Report Solved Problem with installing the launcher

    Hi, I downloaded the game and then tried to install it, but after a while I got a problem. I already downloaded it three times and tried several times to run the launcher, but it keeps saying the same thing. What can I do?
  13. SkarmerCZ

    Bug Report Solved Screen turns dark before bosses in some dungeons

    Hello this happened to me this week that in some dungeons, when it comes to the final battle with the boss, the screen cuts and suddenly goes black. The game continues, the audio works normally, but you can't continue because can't see because of the sudden black screen. Specifically, it...
  14. ekenhawk

    Bug Report Solved caring eggs bug?

    300+ eggs in the house for care but when people dance they get number of eggs below 300.. and sometime they even get 0 eggs when dance.... any idea wat happen?
  15. Kazunokun

    Bug Report can't get out of AI battle when joining late in dragon tournament

    So my game crashed this evening while doing dragon arena and when I managed to join back in I could click on the button to go into or exist AI battle, but it didn't do anything. Apparently I'm not the only one having this issue as I've heard some others compain about it when I talked to them...
  16. K

    Bug Report Solved Channels do not exist when porting to Arteicia

    When using the 'Port to Arteicia'-Button in the character selection you get ported to Arteicia, but no channel is applied. So the game says you are at channel X but you can see every player from every channel and everyone can see you. 1. Situation: While standing in the egg circle on channel 1...
  17. paul parsons

    Bug Report Solved on sign in all i see is username and a few dots nothing else how do i fix it

    when i go to sign in all i see is username and below it a few dots how do i fix it
  18. C

    Bug Report Solved 關於購買JP專用禮包

  19. trendy0911

    Bug Report Solved Stuck point

    卡點 id yadi Stuck in the reading screen, unable to enter the game, other characters are normal
  20. Dryadia

    Bug Report Solved Savarkin black edge showing glitch

    there is a black edge showing on Savarkin dragon (also on the Savarkin from 'hold the fort' island PE)

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