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  1. EiskalterEngel

    Bug Report China Dragon

    are the china dragons buggy? I find several lvl 6, hit them, they stay at the lvl and are then simply gone after 15 seconds
  2. L

    Bug Report Erreur lors d'une tentative de délier une arme

    Bonjour, je suis dans l’impossibilité de délier une arme niveau 108. Le message »une erreur est survenue pendant le déverrouillage »
  3. J

    Bug Report Game without audio

    Olá, sou brasileiro do Brasil e não falo inglês, (usando tradutor) Dito isto. Meu jogo não tem áudio, está 100% funcional, mas não tem áudio. Baixei a pasta do jogo, atualizei, mas não tem áudio. Alguém sabe como resolver isso?
  4. Kitalia

    Bug Report Solved No Log-In Reward

    Same here..not showing up on Top Toolbar/>(Where Vip Rewards is)..so not sure where too look..for Log-Ins
  5. Dryadia

    Bug Report Solved Login Reward not there

    The in-game Login Reward is not showing up...no icon, and not listed on drop-down, where the treasure chest icon is at top of bar. Relogging doesn' t work to get it to come back either.
  6. ivorycypher

    Bug Report Solved Game crashes upon logging character

    Hi there! Yesterday evening I logged out of my game as I usually do, then remembered I still wanted to do a quest that I almost forgot about, but when I tried to log back in, the game crashed when I tried to load my character. See the attached video for the crash, there is no error message nor...
  7. E

    Bug Report Dye not unlocking, but consuming diamonds

    I just attempted to unlock some dye, and when I pressed the button to pick a dye, it prompted me if I wanted to spend 100 diamonds on it, I confirmed and it consumed 100 diamonds but I did not receive any dye. I double checked to make sure but none of the dyes in my color library unlocked, still...
  8. AlexHoll

    Bug Report Solved Site window issues

    When setting the zoom to 125% in 1920x1080, the lines of the site are superimposed on each other.
  9. AlexHoll

    Bug Report Website bug

    The number of accounts in the menu on the right has not been updated
  10. V

    Incorrect Placement error message

    On May 1st I logged in and went to login rewards where I clicked on the server trumpet that was the day's reward. I immediately began receiving an "Incorrect Placement" error message which flashes on my screen every 3 seconds or so. I have searched my pack for any server trumpets that are out...
  11. Bashir Bitar

    Bug Report Falling into Consus cave boss room from above

    Long story short there's a fun way to jump to the top of Consus cave. When your up there, you are able to access the boss room from the room in a opening under and left of the tree. This has been reported before. But I don't think anyone goes into this cave ever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm wondering what are...
  12. G

    Bug Report No credits for login??

    Hello Team, since 26. April 2023 I got no credits for login on website. IIs there an error or is this a setting? Thank you for your hard work. Galban
  13. oooo

    Bug Report Delay

    玩遊戲總有一種卡頓的感覺。我的地區是台灣。我想問一下服務器位置 There is always a feeling of lag when playing games. My region is Taiwan. I want to ask about the server location
  14. SolaceHaven

    Bug Report Need help...

    So I've made an account on here for Dragons Prophet and installed the game, as well as done a few things relating to account progress. Yet when I go to attempt to sign into the game with the said made account it says to check my username and password. Yes, I've double-checked the spelling. Have...
  15. Dryadia

    Bug Report CotP Leaderboard points glitch

    Leaderboard CotP (column of the prophet) Total Stage Ranking points are glitched, and not showing the correct number of points, for 2 days (yesterday Mon. April 17, and today Tues. April 18), for me at least (not sure about anyone else). I keep track of my total number of points earned each...
  16. Dracolinga

    Bug Report Dragon speed abilities don't work

    Hello! I wanted to do my Magical Silver the fastest among my dragons, but faced an error... By my error, I firstly bought "Rushing Dragon Trainer" skill (+15% speed to all kinds of movement), then bought "Adept Dragon Trainer" skill (+50% speed to all kinds of movement), but it seens they...
  17. komradtombstone

    Bug Report Solved Credits, platinum, diamonds...

    Morning folks. I've bought diamonds for Dragon's Prophet before, and had no problem. But today, I bought some platinum, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to either convert it to credits, or how to use the platinum to buy diamonds directly. When I go the "shop" if only gives me...
  18. EiskalterEngel

    Bug Report help please

    I can only move jerkily in the game, whether I'm running, riding or flying - I've eelerted chace but unfortunately doesn't help, it's not playable like this, please help, yesterday everything worked without problems
  19. Hazriel

    Bug Report Tf dance emote visual bug

    Using the dance emote in any dragon transformation will spawn a pickaxe in the right front paw of the dragon. Tested on marketplace TFs, don't have ingame ones yet. 1676412953 Edit: title transformations spawn a pickaxe as well
  20. Adelaide

    Bug Report Ablaufsicherheitszertifikat ..

    Hallo , ist der Dp Launcher defekt? Er meldet Zertifikat abgelaufen...m.f.g.

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