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  1. trendy0911

    Bug Report Solved Stuck point

    卡點 id yadi Stuck in the reading screen, unable to enter the game, other characters are normal
  2. Dryadia

    Bug Report Solved Savarkin black edge showing glitch

    there is a black edge showing on Savarkin dragon (also on the Savarkin from 'hold the fort' island PE)
  3. q00120191

    Bug Report Solved A Dragn Dod Masteries bug

    My Dragn Dod Masteries first skills (bazaka ,piersar....anything) no effect not just visual, attach picture Test this is no skill this is have skill
  4. Darisha

    Bug Report Solved Problem with the installation

    Hey together, after i downloaded the Client from the Page and running the Launcher i got a problem while it was installing. I don't know how i can fix that ;-; Any Ideas?
  5. Dryadia

    Bug Report Light color version of Ebony Thorn missing from my dragon chamber

    Here is proof that i had the light colored version of Ebony Thorn. But it's not in my dragon chamber anymore, it somehow disappeared. I know of 2 other people who also had it, and it's not in their dragon chamber either. Please see if it can be re-implemented in game. Thank you.
  6. Kazunokun

    Bug Report Elemental Res buff for full laedis disappearing every now and then

    So this is a pretty minor thing as it only happens every minute or so for like a second at a time, but the 7 piece set effect for ele Res from the Laedis 102 set seems to disappear. I can't confirm if it really does disappear or if the UI just doesn't catch up with the stats in game when the...
  7. Ruhloser

    Forumanzeigen - Datum und Weiterleitung nicht korrekt / Forum ads - date and forwarding incorrect

    Hallo Seichii ^^ German: Ich weiß nicht was ihr da gemacht habt aber seit der Umstellung / Neugestaltung dieses Forums komm ich mir irgendwie veralbert vor (nicht bös gemeint) ! Da geht man auf einen Beitrag , der einen interessiert - mit Datum vom selben Tag oder einem Tag zuvor und wird dann...
  8. N

    Bug Report Solved Opening map fps drops

    Once i open the game map my dps drops from 60+ to 1-2 fps. checking task manger if anything is really high but everything was normal. everything updated on my PC. PC specs- 16gb ram I5-8500 3GHZ GPU- 1650 Super 4gb Asus would like to get any help on this, thank you~
  9. M

    Bug Report Guardian 2Hand Bazaka Blade Dance

    Using <Slash> while in <Frantic> status will trigger <Blade Dance> I notice Blade dance does not trigger during the last 5 seconds of Frantic status. Potential bug?
  10. Sterben

    Bug Report Solved equipment stars

    I don't know if its a bug or maybe I did something wrong but when you had all the stars in the equipment it was supposed to shine
  11. Y

    Bug Report Iols and ironhides

    so we got told to use ironhides mounted combat draconic soulbound and lava shield when doing towers in iols. but they wont poof. is ironhides the faulth of that ?
  12. Y

    Bug Report Solved Nuclear of times fps drop

    does not happen to me in other dungeons. but NoT is allmost unplay able
  13. Y

    Bug Report Solved war event on isle´s

    are they not working or am i doing something wrong
  14. SpaceBroom

    Bug Report Solved D3DC file not found

    Hello :) I have the problem that, although I've already followed this post: Missing D3DCompiler_43.dll or other DLL and installed both of the links, I still get the error message that the file "D3DCOMPILER:43.dll" is missing, and I don't know what else I can do. I had to reinstall DP and never...
  15. Luatan

    Bug Report Solved Title for Midnight Massacre is gone

    While scrolling through the titles, I realized that the title of Midnight Massacre is missing. I know that I got the title when I captured it. Others still seem to have the title. I guess its a bug with my char. I already tested to reegg the dragon with an instant egg, but it didnt work. As...
  16. HalKal

    Bug Report Solved Strengthen the Magic Circles

    Anyone else having an issue completing this quest, "Strengthening the Magic Circles", in Thadrea - Silt Marsh? I've tried multiple times, and I'm sure I have the circle location as it's the only other spot in Silt Marsh with these vertical poles in a circle like this. The other 2 spots I found...
  17. HalKal

    Bug Report Solved HELP!! Dragon just disappeared from my stable

    I just leveled my Flaming Fin to lvl 100 and was about to evolve it. When I opened the Evolution window the dragon just disappeared from my stable. Now, it's gone. All that work for nothing. Please, help!
  18. Mario1980

    Bug Report Solved Unable to finish Achievement

    gains a reputation in Olandra from1500 for End of the Northern Continut. 4 Points left to finish for Title. I dont get Points for Hidden Quest, Daylies, Events, Dungeons or Map Boss. i hope someone can tell me what is going wrong there.
  19. HalKal

    Bug Report Solved Unable to send Friendship Gift to some friends

    I'm not sure why, but about a week ago I started getting an Unable to send gift error when trying to send gifts to a specific friend. Now, I'm getting the error for multiple friends. I get a different error, but similar when sending a marketplace gift. The first screenshot below is sending a...
  20. Luatan

    Bug Report Oracle: Dragon Spell Blade / Natural Proliferation

    The description of the Dragon Spell Blade / Natural Proliferation on the oracle is wrong. It should say: "Permanently gives you +5,5% +220 points of...".

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