Wild Entity appeared!


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Jul 25, 2020
Dragons Prophet used a private server!
its super efective!

anyways, Hello everyone, Phoenix here. I am more than happy to be able to join you all.

something about me

name - Milan
born in - 1991
country - Czech Republic
proffesion - warehouse keeper
hobby - drawing(not much now), gaming(you did not expected this one, did you), watching movies, board games, chilling with friends and eating burgers

Before shutdonw i was playing on EU

so I get to this game because a love fantasy, especially dragons obviously. And whats best, they fight by your side and you can ride them. 10/10 lol. Also i really enjoy the gameplay and the community. Altought the visuals are outdated i still find myself enjoying some scenery when flying on the back of my dragon.
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