Guide Wild Ancient Pathways & Information


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May 5, 2017
Hello! So, a while back I had taken a template which Blau and Oric had created in order to make it a bit easier to find out information regarding ancients (Wild ancients, this doesn't include dungeon ancients!) and their pathways. I spiced it up a bit, updated it, and added images of dragons for each and left it at that. I have since then stopped working on it but with the influx of new players, I figured why not bring it back?

Link: Wild Ancient Paths & Information

What's New: The most notable change towards this sheet is the actual spawn points for dragons. So far, the wiki had only given the pathways of where ancients walk and fly, but never the actual spawn locations for each dragon. Now I know that ancients, especially random four-day ancients, have it a bit hard to actually track their points so considering there is always someone looking for them so, I've started with the easiest: the 3-hour ancients.

Future Plans: At some point, I'll add a section to explain where to look for the icon which changes from, for example, Day to Sunset and the sequence they run in. Including how long each cycle is. Just little bits of information to make your dragon hunting just a bit easier.

Extra Information: I would like to add that these spawn points aren't ALL spawn points for every dragon. You'll notice with Tonapah's Shadow and Son of Tyre, there aren't many dots that show their location. That is because personally, I've never bothered with hunting them a lot which results in me not knowing much of their spawn points. This is where I'd like to ask for help from the player base in filling it out. If you have proof (e.g a screenshot of their location on the map where you had been around as soon as they had spawned etc.) of a spawn point for a dragon, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message on the forums!

Happy Hunting!

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