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Suggestion Rejected Fabled ancient base stat changer int/str

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Feb 24, 2020
As with many things, I am not sure if this is possible, but there are some special fabled ancients who instead of having a really high strength base stat scaling have a really high int base scaling. Examples for that kind of thing would be the infernum dragon, guilded champion, sylvaran i believe as well and so on. This makes thouse dragon's a relatively obvious choice over other fabled ancients, as they heal a decent bit more effective than their strength counterparts, so they're better at keeping themselves and the player alive. The difference isn't all that big, but it would be nice to be able to get your other fabled's up to speed with some item of some sort.
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Oct 20, 2016
This isn't possible as stat type is applied as part of the data of the dragon and isn't open to modification outside of that.
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