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  1. L

    Bug Report Dony's Guild Quest's get some wrong description's

    So i wanted to lv. my char and my Guild a bit ... but hey ! it will not be that easy as i thought xD Well first day i got the 1024th quest and it says: Clear Verglas Ridge with S Rank [Chaos F2]. And i did it ... i did also Verglas chaos with 1-3 maps and tried S-SSS rank and Chaos ridge also...
  2. Seiichi

    Announcement Major Site Maintenance

    If all goes as planned, we will be shutting down the forum around 12PM tomorrow, and starting the actual maintenance between 12PM-2PM. You can see it in your timezone here: Every Time Zone Converter Starting either sometime tomorrow, or sometime Saturday we will be undergoing major site...
  3. G

    Crystal farming on sky Islands- useful skills?

    Hey gamers, I have a question for you. Are skills like "Advanced Oracle Blessing" or "Advanced Brillance of luck" helpful to get more crystals or the other items in napolite mines? Thx for your help!! Greetings Galban
  4. W

    Solved Can't login

    I have an account on the website, I've added that account to Dragons Prophet, yet when I try to log in with those same credentials I get "Check your email address and password". I've tried using my username as well as the email address associated with my account. I can never log in to the game...
  5. Ruhloser

    Solved Problem redeeming credits

    Hello Seiichi ^^ I have a little problem there. On December 7th, 2020 I converted my credits (2500) into diamonds (750) but so far nothing has arrived in the game. Is there a problem there? It would be nice if someone could have a look, it can't be because of my browser - like the last time -...