Hello, old DP EU player here


May 12, 2020
About time I introduced after finally getting around to playing the game so I'm VickyDragon. I had other characters on old DP, but never really played them and stuck to my main.

I stopped playing old DP some time after Sitheran because their really wasn't much I could do anymore. I tried Savage Hunt as well but couldn't get into it. I came here after seeing a comment by an old friend/guildmate on the announcement for the game's closure.

I started DP after Bakra was closed so I'm excited to see it for myself and I'm also excited to learn the game all over again.


Oct 20, 2016
Welcome to the server, hope you enjoy it.

If you're not aware, we do GM events every Saturday at 3PM PST. You can set your timezone on the site in your preferences, and it'll automatically show the event time in your timezone on the sidebar to the right.

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