We will be running a daily login event for December, where users will be able to earn Credits (and other rewards) by logging in and accepting the award from each daily event(s).

A long side the daily logins we will also have events for keeping a login streak for 7, 14, 21, 28 and 31 days. I highly recommend not missing a single day.

Along with the event calendar, we will also be adding some features that we have been planning to add for a while, though they are still going to be slow to be completely added. I may have mentioned some of this before.
  • Badges: these work the same way achievements work in game but are unlocked by meeting specific criteria on the forum. We will be adding and expanding the badges that are available, and the rewards that come with badges.
  • User Titles: currently there is a default user title ladder that is based on your post count. This new system will unlock selectable user titles which are unlocked like the badges mentioned previously. Users will be able to choose which user title they use and unlock more by meeting different content or activity goals.
How do I check in for the login event?

You can check in for the login event by clicking the eye icon in the "Event Calendar" block in the sidebar, or by clicking the event title on the Reward Calendar page.

After clicking the icon or title of the event you will need to click "Get Reward". Rewards can only be accepted once per daily event, after which the icon for the event will show gray.

Any attempts to abuse this event will get users permanently banned from the network, including any related accounts.