Guide Lunar New Year - Oriental/Eastern dragon.

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    Dear community.

    Oriental dragon are rare, in that they just not only spawn rarely but also limited in time.
    7 days every year.
    The first day is the day of the lunar new year, after this day you have 6 days left to capture oriental dragons.
    This year, 2019, the first day was on February the 2nd of 2019.
    Every day of this event a different oriental dragon spawns. Their order is set.
    The following list was provided by Gemini.
    Lunar Festival Eastern Spawn Days:
    Day One: Guangren (Green)
    Day Two: Diamond Fortune (White)
    Day Three: Kazer (Red)
    Day Four: Shunji (Blue)
    Day Five: Lingze (Black)
    Day Six: Fuying (Orange)
    Day Seven: Sunmoon (Purple)

    Oriental dragons spawn on ancient pathways. These are the paths ways roaming ancients dragons follow on a map. All maps who have roaming ancients except Thadrea, Porthis and Sitheran can spawn these eastern dragons.
    For example Dark Flame on Alentia follows this path. [​IMG]
    Credits go to Gemini/Wolf for the following.
    Eastern Dragons won't spawn instantly after reset but take 3 to 4 hours to spawn. After they have been captured they will respawn every 2 to 4 hours.
    An Eastern dragon will respawn instantly when killed or when an attempted capture failed though not at the same location but somewhere else along the road.
    Though if an Eastern dragon was up for too long and is killed it will not respawn instantly.
    Also, when an eastern wasn't captured nor killed , it won't despawn after reset. Rather it'll roam around still with the other eastern until it's captured or killed.

    To prevent stealing, a party can tag the dragon by hitting it once. Be aware that the dragons level will be set to the players level who tagged it + 5. Therefore it is recommended to have a low level tag the dragon as else you will be stuck in a needlessly very long battle.

    Thank you for reading and happy hunting.
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    Actually, Eastern dragons will instantly respawn if killed. I can personally say because I was there multiple times when an Eastern dragon was killed, either to reset due to too high level or accidentally killed because the level was too low unless they changed that.

    Good post though, very informative for newer players.
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    Thank you for Your post. it so good. it is useful
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