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Dragon Preferred Dragon Builds for Guardians?


Nov 2, 2016
Hey guys!

I am looking for Preferred Dragon Builds for Guardians and i not know how to build them correctly on the EU i built my dragons stupidly and they're weren't very effective in battles for PvE and Dragon Arena regardless on they're levels, If someone got a kind heart to share please respond to this thread i would appreciate you're help the type of dragons i am looking for are Listed below

Healer (Skytouch or any other type of healing support dragon)
Fighter (Fable or a Balge damage dealer dragon)
Support (Buffs owner)
Tank (Mainly tanks damage for owner)

Thank you for posting you're recommendations very appreciate it


Oct 20, 2016

There are some guides that can be used here.


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Feb 24, 2020
Dragons don't work as damage dealers in PvE really. You can use them to buff yourself, debuff the enemy and heal you and some other utility, that's pretty much it. If you want a strong arena dragon just build a noodle with cyclone assault and you should be fine. you can also copy other people's noodles by scrolling down at the arena battle selection window so you have a rough guideline. For PvE just get a high magic/tanky fabled so it can heal you with life reflux and stay alive. If you need more info you can message me on discord Kazunokun#2657


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May 13, 2020

Deutsch / German:
Hmm , naja also ich baue Arena-Drachen anders als meine Begleiter !
Meine Begleiter überleben in der Arena keinen Kampf - sie sterben zwar selten bis garnicht aber machen mit ihren Skills kaum Schaden !
Obwohl ich sagen muß , das ich im PVE immer mit Drachen arbeite und diese die Wild-Drachen sehr gut an sich binden so das ich ohne angegriffen zu werden , die Drachen zähmbar machen kann (gemeint sind ausschließlich Drachen deren Hitpoints vor dem Zähmen gesenkt werden müssen - also Rare und zähmbare Bosse)
Ich muß eher aufpassen das meine Begleiter nicht sofort die Wilddrachen killen (was leider schon einige Male passiert ist) !
Also meine Empfehlung ist als Begleiter-Drache viel in Deff und 2-3 Skills die Aggro erzeugen investieren .
Aber letztlich kommt es darauf an wie die Spielweise jedes Einzelnen ist ! Mancher stellt sich mit seinem Char dem zu zähmenen Drachen und andere (wie ich) benutzen dafür ihren Begleiter-Drachen !

Ich hoffe mal das der Translator alles richtig übersetzt ^^

englisch :
Hmm, well I build arena kites differently than my companions !
My companions don't survive a fight in the arena - they rarely or never die, but with their skills they hardly cause any damage !
Although I have to say that I always work with dragons in the PVE and that they bind the wild dragons very well so that I can tame the dragons without being attacked (only dragons whose hitpoints have to be lowered before being tamed) - so rare and tame bosses)
I have to be more careful that my companions don't immediately kill the wild dragons (which unfortunately has happened several times)!
So my recommendation as a companion dragon is to invest a lot in Deff and 2-3 skills that generate aggro.
But ultimately it depends on how each individual plays! Some face the dragon to be tamed with their characters and others (like me) use their companion dragon!

I hope that the translator translates everything correctly ^^

LG Ruhloser

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