Bug Report Bakra Quest at Mount Sorthina

Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Suggestions' started by Silkshoes, Oct 7, 2019.

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    Bakra - Mount Sorthina - Quest 'Clipping Their Wings'

    Required to kill both Garion & Freyon. Neither have spawned at the main map indication spot.

    This is also linked to the PE - 'Send a Punative Force Against the Bandit Group' that requires in 2nd phase > Gather Weapons. No weapons are dropping from any mobs nor are there any highlighted boxes/items to collect.

    Thus the quest line 'Clipping their Wings' nor the PE can be completed.
    (no mob dot on mini map for weapons nor bosses but a red dot is on main Bakra map for either of the 2 bosses.)
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