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Bug Report CotP Leaderboard points glitch


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Mar 13, 2017
Leaderboard CotP (column of the prophet) Total Stage Ranking points are glitched, and not showing the correct number of points, for 2 days (yesterday Mon. April 17, and today Tues. April 18), for me at least (not sure about anyone else).

I keep track of my total number of points earned each day, and the total number of Dragonscale Seals I earn each day as well.

Leaderboard is showing less than i should have received, for both days.
I earned 65-69 points (Dragonscale seals) yesterday Mon. April 17, but it only showed that i earned 30.
I earned 27 points (Dragonscale seals) today Tues. Apr. 18, but it only showed that i earned 20.
Leaderboard is showing that i only have 50 points, when i have actually earned 92-96.

My total number of Dragonscale seals before i started doing CotP on Mon. was 1565 or 1569 (i can't remember). and today after completing 2nd day of CotP was 1661. The Dragonscale seals are not glitched. they show the correct number i should have.


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Oct 20, 2016
This is probably the same issue we always have, and because it is automated there is not much we can do.


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Mar 13, 2017
Ok, i figured out that the Leaderboard is not counting the points earned from the 'Treasure chest' challenges, and Hidden Chests from 'Strike a Demon' and 'Death Snipe'.

Today (Wed. April 19) I earned 62 points, but the Leaderboard only gave me 26 points. It didn't count the points from the chests described above.


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May 13, 2020
Hello Dryadia,

the leaderboard shows the number of levels that you played, not the amount of dragonscale seals. There are more than one seal for each level you solve the higher you get in CotP. Boss levels and mini games provide higher amounts of seals as well. f.e you do the first ten levels with three mini games included will give you 20 seals, 5 x 1 for each mob level, 3 x3 for mini games and twice three for boss levels 9 and 10. But you will get just ten level on the scoreboaard of course as you haven't done more than that.^^

In this case, sorry to say, you are kind of comparing apples with pears.

There is no bug in this ranking.
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