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Announcement Halloween GM Event Schedule


Oct 20, 2016
We will be having a Halloween inspired GM event for the next two week, painstakingly crafted by @Haterslayer. The events will be on the easier side (so he says) but will be a combination of our usual variety: Jumping, Maze and Fighting event.

The first event will be this weekend during the morning at 11AM-12PM PST (Dragon's Prophet GM Event (Morning) | Adeptgamer).

Next week the event will be in the afternoon at 4-5PM PST (Dragon's Prophet GM Event (Afternoon) | Adeptgamer).

You can view all maintenance and event times on our calendar (hover over the time in an event to see the time in your own timezone): October 2017 | Adeptgamer

Or you can look at the upcoming events on the forum homepage: Adeptgamer

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