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  1. Primeval Jade

    Primeval Jade

  2. Corroside, the Tropical Terror

    Corroside, the Tropical Terror

  3. Amarok, the Revenant

    Amarok, the Revenant

  4. Zuo Ran, the Lover's String

    Zuo Ran, the Lover's String

  5. Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor

    Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor

  6. Levo

    Where is Coral Wing?

    Hi! I just wanted to ask here, where can i find Coral Wing? I did not seen in the Marketplace, or in other gachas. Coral Wing
  7. Seiichi

    Announcement Completed PSA: All Exclusive Dragons Available This Monday

    To end the year on a high note, we will be making all Marketplace Exclusive Dragons available until Friday (New Years). This will include all previously sold exclusives, the new Christmas exclusives, and all the unreleased exclusives. There currently is a 50% Bonus Diamond Sale going on, so it...
  8. Yuletide Joy

    Yuletide Joy

  9. Samael, the Hellforged

    Samael, the Hellforged

  10. Tiagara, the Rogue Huntress

    Tiagara, the Rogue Huntress

  11. Syvaenir, Devourer of the Void

    Syvaenir, Devourer of the Void

  12. Lunatus, the Vine Weaver

    Lunatus, the Vine Weaver

  13. Viridias, the Sky Painter

    Viridias, the Sky Painter

  14. Boreas, the Artic Wanderer

    Boreas, the Artic Wanderer

  15. Ceresa, the Autumn Matron

    Ceresa, the Autumn Matron

  16. Atropus, the Baleful Shade

    Atropus, the Baleful Shade

  17. Alstromera, the Summer Queen

    Alstromera, the Summer Queen

  18. Nyssilth, the Toxic Tyrant

    Nyssilth, the Toxic Tyrant

  19. Galactic Storm

    Galactic Storm

  20. Raisengeki

    Murder chicken Utyon

    I drew my favorite chicken in DP Took about an hour or two Drawn on Painttool SAI Feel free to use/repost with credit

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