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Alstromera, the Summer Queen
A forgotten fable, Alstromera appears seldom during the peak of the summer. The intense heat of the sun rays lures it from hibernation. To see such a dragon is inspiring – the blossom petals that compose its wings are indeed real. However, these blooms are of a composition of something much more stalwart. Merely lighting a match and placing it adjacent to the petals will produce no results compared to a real tree blossom and most draw the ire of either the dragon or those who protect it.

How its body came to be is a mystery, but it is closely related to Sylvaran. It is likely both were birthed from the same tree in Morgath's long line of dragons that emerged beneath him.

Due to its elusiveness, it wasn't until recently it emerged and was taken into the custody of Laedis Academy where it is protected by blades of steel. Before time in captivity, it was thought to guide travellers in Korhala to the Oasis but it has long since gone from that place. During exceptional circumstances Alstromera is provisioned to the Osira from the Laedis academy.

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