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Exclusive AdeptGamer Dragons

These are Dragons that have been exclusively made for AdeptGamer by @Aiden (and potentially other artists in the future).
Would like to mention a few things as i like to give credit where credit is due:
  • Midnight Massacre, Carnelian Warden were unused dragon textures in the game files that were slightly modified (general clean-up/enhancement, Carnelian Warden initially had unfinished wings).
  • Anthias Mirage, Azure Zealot, Halcyon Gaze, Primeval Jade, Sanguine Specter, and Stygian Wraith all originally had unused textures in the game files but were never released as dragons. Most of these textures looked very bland, muddy, and/or unfinished, so adjustments were made to improve them while trying to keep their original design elements intact. Lazurite Trance is a color variant of Stygian Wraith because I have a slight obsession with deep blue/purple, and Frigid Siren was another color variant made simply because Seiichi didn't want an odd number of phantoms for the batch lol.
  • Yuletide Joy's concept was also created by 22RII.
  • concepts for Corroside (by Jaslyn) and Amarok (by Predagirl) were winning entries from the Phantom Coloring Contest
  • Viridias originated as a Dragon Request by one of my patrons (then I got a little carried away playing with color sliders which resulted in the other 3 striped sailfins being made lol)
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My goodness these are gorgeous beyond words, Im a digital artist myself and I gotta say good job to who ever colored these...

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