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Lazurite Trance
A wise dragon from the frosted over region of Wintertide, Lazurite Trance acquired fame through having the ability to exert an aura of knowledge to those who seek it. While wordless, witnesses have reported it impressing comprehensible words in their minds through a telepathic power. This dragon has a curiosity for learning and has become a fountain of knowledge for consul, but due to the greed of man, it has purposely made itself difficult to find in the tundra.

In terms of combat ability, Lazurite Trance has a beautiful cold blue fire it can expel from its maw. At the whim of its own command, it can configure this breath to either freeze or melt depending on its demands. While it hunts, it eats very little compared to most dragons, taking only from the environment what it deems necessary.

In the far distant history, Lazurite Trance were kept by scholars for their redeemed intelligence, but many fell foul to the Second Dragon War and their blood became corrupted. All those that did not fall to the Shax remain in the population of the single digits. One particularly unique trait this dragon has, is that while it is a challenge to do so, it can read books written by man. A common pastime is to hoard large volumes of plundered books and acquire further learning from them.

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