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Azure Zealot
A powerful wizard was once thought to make an unbreakable pact with a dragon, heightening his senses and transferring his entire magical force into the beast. This transference caused the mage to expire completely, but it is rumored that even the mages memories are passed on to the dragon, allowing them to live far beyond their years. The bright blue scales were born from the intense scarring of magical energy, though the colors seem to dim with the passage of time. The Zealot sustains the luminosity of its scales by devouring brains of its prey over other discarded body matter. Because of this it is oddly clever at the art of decapitation when it comes to physical combat. Alternatively the art of suffocation is another. Since the Azure Zealot enjoys meditation by secluded lakeside and waterfalls a small expulsion of psionics is enough to choke prey under the waters it roosts by.

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