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Frigid Siren
Tales have long been told of the whispering voices that can sometimes be heard in the icy wilderness of Wintertide. Many a traveler have vanished in the blizzards chasing eerily familiar calls. A handful of those who survived their ordeal report that the voices are that of loved ones or friends, and sometimes even of those who are no longer living. Those same survivors claim that the alluring calls within the icy mists is none other than the phantom dragon known as Frigid Siren. Under the cover of snowstorms, the beast is said to lure weary travelers to its lair where the unfortunate souls become prey. It's unknown just how Frigid Siren is able to mimic voices that are familiar to its victims, but the accuracy in which it can do this can fool even those who are aware of its existence.

While there are some active hunters, during most of the year this dragon hibernates in ice to keep it preserved through the ages. Specimens have recently been exhumed from deep, frozen caverns. Unfortunately, even in slumber they seem to be capable of placing others under its thrall. It is recommended to possess warding oracle talismans before approaching, through with a certain level of common sense and intelligence, their illusory voice can be thwarted.

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