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Amarok, the Revenant
A miraculous record reads of a dragon herald that weaved mighty magic to eradicate his foes. To the aspirant there was no shorter dream than to have his power in their hands. When serving in the Second Dragon War, he was torn from the skies by a rain of well trained spears and beyond that falter – his name and memory were forgotten by most.

But not all. The trained and the learned called him Amarok – and they knew he was very much alive. While recovering in a cavern retreat, Amarok was discovered at his most fragile - captured and sold to the arena north west of Wynnadia – Corzine. His dignity was exchanged for a paltry sum of gold and food scraps hardly worthy of even an Apurian. There, he would be pitted in battle against lesser beasts and dragons. After no more than a week of this madness, the reserved Amarok finally snapped – ushering his old powers from the Second Dragon War. With arcane that would make even the Shax wither in fear, Amarok brought forth the spirits and bones of the slain within the halls. With the rinsing of blood and the clack of skulls – Amarok left a path of fear in his wake before escaping his harsh prison.

During the confusion, the Nethergloom freed a number of dragons and brought many of the surviving Corzine Dragon Keepers to the justice of the Skyhammer. No less than a cliff away from his prison; Amarok was also discovered, his tattered body lying in a heap, spent from his ancient cast.

Due to his savage treatment and betrayal, the only way Amarok could be kept was through the Laedis Academy. There, he is treated more as a noble creature, than a disposable piece of life.

This dragon was brought to the Laedis Academy on behalf of the Osirian adventurer, @Predagirl.

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