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Zuo Ran, the Lover's String
An Oriental dragon, but noted to lack the bearded plumage in some areas compared to the more common members of the family. Zuo Ran is a dragon with scales that reflect the blossoms of the spring. Eagerly do they wait across the year for the Yan Yu to descend from the heavens so they may cast off the umbrage of loneliness. Most often, this fate is the undoing of Zuo Ran. Until the fated hour, they rarely hunt – promising to themselves a wealthy bounty of food both during and after their meeting. Some are plucked from their nests by all kinds of things – Giants, Trolls, Yetis – even other dragons.

This rather erratic behavior is not well understood, but it gave Zuo Ran the subtitle “The Lover's String”. They are regarded as dedicated and loyal, serving as a symbol of the Spring Festival.

This Dragon's existence was originally discovered by Osiran @Compeador.

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