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Yan Yu, the Cosmic Emperor
An Oriental dragon, but noted to lack the bearded plumage in some areas compared to the more common members of the family. Yan Yu is a beautiful dragon from the south that migrated northwards across Auratia, and resides most commonly in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Because of this, this beast is seldom seen – so high in the sky not even the wizened eyes of a Legendary Dragon can keep track.

When this dragon decides to fly lower during the peak of season in order to court a partner - it makes sure to choose a clear night, so that the constellation pattern adorning its body serves as worthy cover amongst the glittering skyline. Yan Yu fondly chases the dusk and enjoys dark places the most – but most oddly – enjoys the art of revelry. Yan Yu extrudes its patterned scales more brightly once it reaches to the peak of its own excitement, only to return to the heavens before the break of dawn.

This Dragon's existence was originally discovered by Osiran @Compeador.

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