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Lunatus, the Vine Weaver
Lanatus was witch-weaver of vines and shrubbery that would summon roots from its claws and shape them into an enclosing canopy. Thought to once reside in the mists of Juno Crystal Gallery, Wenda Zindrel's tirade and occupation of the Juno Crystal Gallery drove out many of the dragon inhabitants. To not fall to the shade of the Doom Dragon blood – numerous dragons defected and the likes of Lanatus was not seen again.

The shimmering green scales on this dragon's body absorbs and drinks the sun light similarly to the likes of 11002882 though it does not inherit a plant-like structure itself. Besides having a grasp on flora and foliage it possesses a multitude of potent elements at its disposal. Hunting techniques Lanatus employs involve using these abilities to its advantage – mostly including leaf-traps and dragon spell tricks.

Miraculously, a brood of Lanatus were saved by the Laedis Academy and were cultured internally, advancing further their spellcraft. As a trade for losing their rights to freedom however, their ability to build beautiful plant structures disintegrated over time.

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