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Question regarding data/progress

Jul 4, 2021
Hello, my old gaming PC is running low on GB, and I've deleting/uninstalling old stuff to lighten my load. However I'm a very cautious individual as I dread the thought of deleting games I actually really like in fear that I might loose all of my progress. So what I wanna know, is all progress that I have done in Dragon's Prophet account based (as in if install the game in another computer I still have all the stuff i've done)? Please let me know, I need confirmation.

But don't worry, I'll reinstall the game in my new more advance gaming pc in my father's house, if I get my confirmation.


Oct 20, 2016
All MMO games will have data on the server, and not on your computer.

The only thing stored on your computer is usually things like configurations or settings, which you can set up again.

Your character data will be the same regardless of the computer you use.

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