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Game Tips Guide to getting Midas Moonlight Coins


May 25, 2024
First, I want to say that I don't know how to do all the games so if you know how to do a game I didn't cover please add.

They key to getting the coins is to complete the daily achievements for the events, not necessarily playing the games.
To see them press O, click on Event.

Dragon Hunt- My Favorite game
How I play this event:
Get your axe from the NPC. You will have 3 skills in your skill bar. They all take time to recharge so don't think you can just mash buttons. Swinging the axe recharges the fastest so you will use this the most. It is also a ranged attack.

Round 1 - Scare off the random dragons by removing their stacks. You can see the stacks as a buff on them.
I run around and get agro on multiple dragons 4-5 of them. Then I run in a circle kinda backwards/sideways so I can face them. Once I get all the dragons grouped up as much as I can, I hit them with one of the other skills. One has a knock back effect and the other has a knock down effect. So you can use these in succession without getting hit. So use one, dragons get knocked back (long cool down), use the other (long cool down), they get knocked down, swing your axe (short cool down) and run!

Run in that circle you were doing and as soon as the 'swing axe' skill is ready take a swing as you run. Its ranged and will flow through the group. When the other skills come off cool down, stop and use them in quick succession and then run again. When you are circling is the time you are most likely to get hit. When you are hit it takes a stack of bravery. But don't worry, you can get those back with successful hits on the dragons. You can see those as a buff on you.

When you get good with the rhythm there is a group of like 9 or 10 windriders on the top of a hill around a fountain. You can collect them all up in a group and get them all at once this way running around the fountain.

Once you have scared off enough random dragons it will progress to round 2.

Round 2
Don't bother with the randoms anymore. There will be 6 or 8 Boss dragons scattered around the field. You have to get all of these gone. Use the same circle method on them. But you can only do 1 at a time because they are spaced too far. One looks like a Burrohead Thrashtail Dragon and the other looks like a Frosty Sawtooth Dragon.
They have alot more stacks on them.

There may be other models of dragons on this server but this is what I remember.

Round 3
After you get all the boss dragons they will all reappear and Darkmoon will come. You can ignore all the other dragons and just go for Darkmoon. Do the same circle game with him except the knock down effects do not work on him. Watch your stacks and if he takes you down too far, go pick on a small dragon for a bit to get them back. He will drop purple orbs (supposed to be feathers I guess) when you hit him enough. Collect those.


Feather Collector - get feathers from Darkmoon 50 times. You will not see Darkmoon until making it to round 3 of the event. Its possible to do solo but will take alot of practice and you need to be fast. Much easier to get to him with 3 or 4 people all playing the event. The event will not progress rounds until you complete the prior round. If you do get to him, he will disappear when you take all his stacks and reset and reappear somewhere else on the field. You can keep at him until time runs out. When you hit him purple feathers pop off him. Run around and collect them. I'm unclear on if you need to just run through them to collect or hit them with your axe to collect. I think its running. 20 coins

Master Hunter - 20 coins- Get 20 stacks of "bravery" - This is easy. All you have to do its hit the dragons a few times without them hitting you. So kite around.

A Devious Journey -20 coins-Another easy one. You can completely fail the event and you will get this achievement. All you have to do is be there when it ends and have done something. You do not need to be there when it starts.

Swing Your Axe- 20 coins- Hit dragons 100 times with your skills - If you are practicing, you will get this.

Coin Collection
If you do all the easy achievements which is all except the feather collector you get 60 coins
But then for the Moonlight event there is an additional achievement "Embrace the Deviousness and Courage". For this you also get another 60 coins for completing 3 achievements in the Dragons Hunt. Total coins 120 for the one game.

Run Dragon Run

Cool Down for this event is very long. If you are not there at the start on a dragon then it will go back into cool down. But if you manage to catch it, this is a very fun game.

Get on a skitter dragon before the event starts. You can run around but when it gets ready to go you will be teleported to a starting gate. Then you will get a count down to start. When it starts run out on to the field and run over boxes. You have a skill that will let you hit the rat guys. Enough hits on them and they disappear. But if they hit you they steal your boxes.
There are also bats that will black out your screen for a few seconds. Some places in the field have plants that when you run over them give you different effects. Some make you slow, some make you fast, most change your attack skill to something else like frost or fire. Just run around collecting boxes till you have an S. Then run inside the tower at the end of the field to deposit your boxes and that will end the game. You will have other skills that do other things like with the carts and such, but I never bother with them.

To complete the game you will want to stay on the field until the timer runs out. If you have dumped your boxes in the tower, you will not be able to play anymore but you will want to stay on the field till it ends.

Run Dragon Run- Complete Run dragon run riding a Skitter guy - easy just do above. 20 coins
King of Collectors- Obtain 20 resources in a single game - again easy just pick up boxes and don't get hit. 20 coins
Hinder Buster - Defeat 10 rat guys. This takes a little practice since once again the skills have cool downs but easy enough if you are not focused on collecting boxes. 20 coins
Run Scourger Troublemakers- Complete Run dragon Run as a rat guy - I don't even bother with this. But if you do 20 coins.

And then you also get another 60 coins for completing 3 achievements under "I Love Demented Fategazer Dragons". So total 120 coins.

Moonlight Hunting Ground- LOL Good Luck!:rolleyes:
I have found this game impossible but maybe someone out there knows the tricks. Feel free to add.

The only thing I do is the achievement for collecting the crystals. All you have to do is run around the field and collect the crystals. Give the little scamps a swift kick for me as you run past. 😈 Collect enough and you will have the achievement. You might need to do it twice to complete.

Achievement - In the Moonlight - 20 coins
You will also get 10 coins for completing one achievement in "Kingly Style" for the hunting ground.

Dragon Bone Survival game

This is almost identical to the Christmas Snowman event. Run around and collect berries. Use the berries on the weed patches to create red or blue flowers. Red flowers will attack the goblins when they run past. Blue will slow down the goblins. You can also throw the berries at the enemies and make bombs.

Dragon Bone Guardian- Get S rank 3 times. Just do above and depending how good you are at it you could do this. 20 Coins

Dragonblood Paranoia - make a blood bomb 10 times. You need to have enough berries to make the bomb so keep collecting. To complete this achievement you do not need to hit any enemies. Just make a bunch of bombs. Its a skill that will be in your skill bar again with an annoying cool down. 20 coins

Crisis Rescuer - Hurl blood berries at enemies to get them down to one stack and make them quit. Just use the skill in your skill bar to throw berries till they quit. Helps to have a few red flowers made to knock them down faster. They only count if the berry you threw is the one to take them out. 20 coins

Shake No More - Pick up 100 berries - easy 20 coins.

If you do all these you will also complete the "Dragon Blood Hero" achievement for an additional 100 coins.

Frost Obstacle Race - you need 2 people. I never bother with this as I am crap at jumping. Good Luck! Anyone have tricks on this feel free to add.

Moonlight Playground
The most frustrating game here but not technically difficult. If you have time to kill, go for it. o_O

It's your basic whack-a-mole. Pay attention to what kind of critter you need to whack as it changes sometimes with each round.

Round 1 - Just whack away at the designated critter. The mallet is a skill in your skill bar. You have to use it for it to count. Small pink hearts will appear all over and they will make you faster. Collect those by running through them.

Round 2
- Adds an exploding pumpkin and a tiny sailfin dragon named Mini Seamoon. The pumpkin will pick a random pod and count down. Use your weapon (not the mallet skill) to smash the pumpkin or stay far away from the pumpkin. If you get hit by the pumpkin you will be super slow. If you are a Ranger, this is easy as you can shoot the pumpkin with your bow a few times and it will pop harmlessly.

The tiny sailfin dragon Mini Seamoon is worth the most points. You will want to try and whack it with your mallet as often as possible. You do not need to wait for him to be in a pod to whack him. You can catch him as he is traveling.

Round 3- Even more Pumpkins and sailfin dragons. But also now the critters appearance will change. You have to pay attention to the name of the critter and not how it looks to whack the correct critter.

Heart of Steel - Get S rank 3 times - Good Luck! I have never managed to do this. 20 coins
Bomb Expert - destroy 10 pumpkins - easy just attack them as you do in the regular game. 20 coins
Expert Heart-stealer - Obtain Moonshine 20 times. Easy just run around collecting the pink hearts. 20 coins
Broken-winged Angel - Hit Mini Seamoon 10 times. This is doable but might take a few games to get it done. You do not need to do all 10 in one game. 20 coins

So I usually get 3 achievements done for the 60 coins. Then you can collect another 60 for the "Teary Eyes" achievement because you did 3 achievements. 120 Coins.

Then depending on how many games you play there is the "Moonlight Fan" achievement for additional coins up to 120.
I usually only bother to make around 500 coins a day. Which would give you one of the Midas dragons each week if you play every day.

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