Old EU Player Here, Greetings!


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Jul 3, 2019
I played on EU servers years ago, left because server issues but still loved the game. I tried many MMO's that I thought could be similar to DP but none really excited me. I just found out about AdeptGamer/DP yesterday and I've been hype all day. Back in my EU server days I barely had a PC that can run DP but now I can run it smoothly so I'm pumped to get back into the Dragon Prophet Life lol. Ohhh and my IGN is Drenomicz so stop by and say Hi ;)


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May 5, 2017
Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy it c: Remember to claim your Starter Pack (Limited to only one person/account) from Seiichi, who you can find on Discord/AdeptGamer Site if you haven't already and check your mailbox for even more goodies.

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