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May 16, 2020
Heya fellas, I'm a Crazy Dragon Lady from EU who played semi-religiously for roughly six years (not sure of exact time - it sure does fly when you're having fun!) I started playing with the idea of joining this server when I heard that EU was going down and I have since taken the leap of faith - so far, I love it. I've met so many amazing old friends who I had NO idea were here, and the care and attentiveness being shown to this gem of a game from Seiichi and co. is absolutely amazing to me and I am so grateful to be apart of this community now.

So, this brings me to the subject at hand! During my last year on EU, my friends were starting to leave due to RL issues and I was getting bored, so I started experimenting with dragons and dragon builds when online, while also getting the builds and opinions of other trainers whom specialized in families I had less experience with. I dedicated most of my time to training dragons or coming up with crazy builds to try at a later date. Eventually, when I saw that EU was getting some new blood because of SH, I started to turn my dragon builds into guides that I posted on a website.

They were oriented primarily around free choice - like, they allowed you to choose exactly what you wanted from your dragon, while also making sure you didn't make a mistake that could cost you diamonds or a skill deleter. I'd finished all of the "Beginner" guides and had started on some Intermediate guides as well as some misc. guides when EU finally finished me off. They weren't cookie cutter "must be done this way" guides - I know a lot of others cover such things and that's not really my style.

I want to ask: would these guides be useful here? Some of my fellow dragon trainers are definitely here and there's quite a few guides around already, which is why I wanted to ask before posting them in the guides section and looking like an idiot because i'm late to the party.


According to my statistics, the site still gets regular views, so i'm hoping that means people are still benefiting from them! If it's allowed to be posted here, i'll start working on them again, and amend them based on changes that Seiichi and co. have made in the coming months. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you,
A loser from EU who really likes giant winged lizards


Apr 24, 2020
I've personally really benefited from your websites guides and see no reason why they can't be posted here. I more or less start each dragon by referencing your material, and check it for ideas and starting points regularly.
Its been a very useful resource that I very much appreciate.


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Apr 7, 2020
Yeah Anya. Old Players are here around :) Nice to see u again. btw u have a really nice build.


May 28, 2020
Love these guides! Definitely excited to see you're still around and going to update them ^^


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Aug 15, 2020
Yeah! Found your side the other day and left an encouraging comment. Keep up the good work!
Can you add a change log? Id love an easy way to find the new content!


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May 16, 2020
Apologies for gravedigging (I tried to check if this was actually okay but couldn't find anything), but after losing access to the game for like a year I'm finally back in the saddle, both in terms of the game and the guides. I've started making changes here and there as well as updating the old guides to contain fresh information.

Some of the things I'm in the process of doing include:

1. Adjusting the changelog because Xenos' comment made me realize it's maybe not too obvious ;-; Still trying to figure out if there's a way I can make it appear on more than just the front page.

2. Updating the beginner dragon guides with pictures of skill information.

3. Updating the beginner dragon guides with Adept-relevant information, such as new dragons/dragon availability, as well as fresh higher res pictures of the dragons in question.

4. Adding optimal (or at least good) attribute priority and loadouts for dragon families, something I for some reason never did in the old days and has been requested before.

5. Planning out some more intermediate and advanced dragon guides, but these are subject to how quickly I can build and playtest them, so this one could be a little way's off.

6. May also figure out the more weird systems of the Dragon Building world, such as whatevertheheckie Dragon Companions are. We'll see.

As always progress will be slow as this is very much a side project and responsibilities are always in the way, but hopefully there will be no more complete silence. My goal is to eventually get the guides to a state where they stand the test of time and don't need much more interaction from me once finished, so here's hoping.

If you're curious about what guides have been enhanced, or if I add anything new, you can track my progress with them from the homepage's changelog: Home

As always feedback or suggestions would be super neat. Thank <3


Oct 20, 2016
I'm setting up a new wiki adjacent data source that will be Adept specific (we will eventually be moving to either a wiki, or preferably a database-based system) but there will be an option to add build guides for dragon specific builds.

Here is an old screenshot from my test site:


Here is how the actual creation page looks for individual pages:


Recommended Builds is the field in question, and it will create a separate tab where the information will display. It works the same as a post on the forum (as does everything else) so it is easy enough to work with.

I am currently on testing our new patcher to prepare to release upscaled Dragon textures (patcher does not like 5GB+, 1900 file patches), and then Aiden will be working on starting to make new cover pictures of each Dragon.

@DemonFang if you want to be involved with the new 'wiki' let me know and I can add you to the group on Discord.

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