Suggestion Improving Dragons due beeing able overstating dragon equipment

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Do you guys also want Dragon equipment beeing able to overstating?

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    Apr 3, 2017
    (before It actually start.... Sorry for bad english grammer incoming ! )

    Hey, Guys,

    can you may take a look on Dragon Armor ? It is a bit sad that you currently can't improve the stats on armor for your dragon’s. I mean they have a lover level then the actual mobs so it would be rlly nice ( for mounting as well) that you're dragons can get a good armor, so they get more defense/HP/dmg and higher mount buffs. They would rlly deserve it :D overstating is a big part of this game especially for the endgame content. Farming Armor(actually GOOD armor) is rlly hard... you would need to run dungeon’s like Moran Cavern thousand of times to get good armor for even 1 of your dragons... and ALSO crafting Armor for dragons…so I'm talking about Purple and Orange Armor for dragon’s is currently use- and senseless because you can't choose the stats on it and can't change it... the ability OVERSTATING dragon armor would make it interesting again to craft purple and orange dragon equipment. Would be really nice if you can make this possibly =)

    Best Regards SaintBeast
    Leader of Guild Systematic
    & Alliance SystemOfNewbs
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