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    Hey guys

    Today I am gonna dig into the hydra dragon family.

    So I am gonna start from the basics once again, the basic attacks.
    Nothing special
    It is a 2-hit bitewith fast execution and average hitbox.
    This is the attack that makes Hydra look awkward. It sprints for 3 steps before almost falling down.
    This is a 2-hit attack too. Sadly damage is lower than strike.

    Nor strike nor sweep are worth strenghtening with skills, as hydra is a more defensive oriented dragon anyway.

    Hydra evolution skills:
    -Twin Soul Force:
    This is a pesky skill. Every 20 seconds it gains a 12 second buff to either the physical part or the magical part.
    The buff itself is good, the bad part is that sometimes it's phys buff and sometimes it's magical buff. Which makes specializing this dragon in one of the 2 main damage types hard. At lvl 10 it adds +20% modifier and a +150 flat attack damage while also gaining an incredible 50% defense buff with additional 1500 flat defense. But all of either phys type (Phys attack + phys def) or magic type (mag attack + magic defense) Also applies a random 600 resistance to either dragon spell, natural or elemental resistance.
    I think this skill is bugged. Tried it so many times without any major results. Useless.
    -Soul drain:
    A lovely skill basically heals the dragon a little bit every 10 seconds while providing a near 80% upkeep of +10% phys and magic damage for the dragon. In dragon arena it's useless because it doens't proc. It procs only while you have it summoned AND you have less than max dragon soul.
    -Mind Impact:
    The only reason why people even have a hydra. It reduces 15% of magic and phys damage of enemies, but that's not why people even pick hydra. It's because this has a SUPER HUGE range and is thus similar to a huge aoe aggro. Except it doesn't pull mobs who are already engaging others.
    -Molten Eruption:
    An aoe blast centered around hydra that is good for lighting up a candle, and a minor bleed.

    Base stats:
    Strength - 377
    Intelligence - 377
    Constitution - 410
    Ferocity - 330
    Focus - 470
    Dragon Affinity - 470
    These stats warrant a defensive setup and forget about attacking. Sadly in-game attacking is more appreciated than defending hence hydra is often deemed thrash.
    Recommended dragon training is:
    27 con - 26 focus - 26 da
    or 27 focus - 27 da - 25 con
    That is for defensive dragon, as for offensive ones. Please enlighten me.

    If you went defense, then why not go all the way?
    Tough skin, Magic skin, con enchancement.
    Healing wind
    Soul drain
    Forbidden roar

    You get more damage from thorny shield than from attacking.
    Will to live to have an immortal dragon

    Now I am sure people will wonder why in Kronos name would you go and get a hydra?
    I am an 108 oracle and here is why while riding a hydra.
    Instead of whipping out an ironhide during a sorcerer attack, mount this hydra and laugh :p
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